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eCommerce - Base

  1. DHL eCommerce should already be selected. Please fill out the gaps with your user data and click on Save. The related DHL eCommerce locations show your Shopify Shopify locations, these locations you can use with your Account. alt text
  2. Now you should be in the Account view and there should be your package Account, but that Account is disabled at the moment. Click on Edit. alt text
  3. You should be in the Edit Account view, please click on Enable to activate your account. alt text
  4. Now you have to fill in the Account Prefix. The first two characters are already prefilled from your country selection above. alt text
  5. Now you have to select the Products, select a product from the list and click Add. alt text
  6. The next step is to define your individual DHL Product and Service settings including the handover definition and the label template you would like to use.
  7. The last step is, to click Save at the end of the page.