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Closeout functionality for cross-border

Step 1

For cross-border countries, after printing the label, go on Orders page like shown in below screenshot. Click on top right option on the page More actions -> Dashboard/Closeout highlighted in Red.

alt text

Step 2

User would land on Dashboard page as per below screenshot. Number of shipments which need closeout would get displayed as per Red highlighted box.

  1. In case shipments are Pickup, Finalize Handover Note – Pickup button will get enabled automatically.
  2. In case shipments are Dropoff, Finalize Handover Note – Dropoff button will get enabled automatically. For example – in below screenshot, we have 1 Dropoff order (as can be seen in number) so respective button is enabled.

alt text

Step 3

Click on button which is enabled Finalize Handover Note – Dropoff, as per last step, user will land on page as per below screenshot. List of all the orders would get displayed which need to be closeout with Checkbox as checked by default.

In case, it is not required to Closeout any shipment, then order can be unchecked.

Click on Finalize Handover Note as highlighted in Red for final closeout.

alt text

Step 4

Just after clicking, Handover note would get generated below the order on the same page as shown in below screenshot.

Handover note can be downloaded in the PDF format by clicking on Download button present on top right corner of Handover note.

alt text