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Create multiple Shopify Fulfillments

  1. To create multiple Fulfillments, first open the Orders view in Shopify.

  2. Now you can see all your orders, select all orders, for which you want to create a shipping label by clicking on checkbox of the respective orders (in our example MYPIA1079 and MYPIA1080) Afterwards just click on Fulfill orders in the upper bar. alt text

  3. Now a window appears, showing for how many Orders a Fulfillment is created. (2 in our example) Please deactivate Send a notification to customer, so that the customer will only be notified after the shipping label has been successfully created. Now click on Fulfill to complete the process. alt text


We recommend deactivating NOTIFY CUSTOMER OF SHIPMENT, as you can see in the Screenshot (a separate email with tracking number is sent to the customer again when the shipping label is successfully created).

  1. Now you are back in the Orders view and should see the status Fulfilled next to the previously selected orders. (in our example MYPIA1079 and MYPIA1080)